It’s no secret that to build a successful team or organization you need to hire the right people. It sounds easy; but let’s face it, a couple rounds of interviewing and a resume don’t tell a person’s entire story. You get a good idea of who the person is and where they’re coming from, but in the end you’re always taking a small risk.

So how can you make sure someone will be the right fit? When looking for this, you have to go beyond their skills and relevant experiences by examining their character. Look for these three qualities in your next hire to ensure they are a good fit that will help your team succeed.


A Can-Do Spirit

First and foremost you want people that have the will to make it happen. When things get tough and obstacles need to be overcome, these individuals don’t shy away or make excuses.  They rise to the occasion. They see the glass half full: they don’t consider failure. Instead, they dive in and hit the ground running.

To tell whether or not this quality exists in a candidate, ask them about a time they faced adversity at a past job. In their answer, see if they tell you not only the issue they faced but the steps and strategies they used to overcome it.



Something that could cause harm to the success of a team is complacency. To ensure you are hiring an individual who won’t fall into this trap, look to see if they have curiosity. Seek out individuals who are always looking for ways to progress and move forward. The more curious they are, the more open they are to learning new concepts.

Assess the candidates drive to learn by listening to what their motivation is to switch jobs. Also listen to the types of questions they ask you. If they are asking questions about the roots of your company, like what your philosophies and strategies are, it’s a good indication of natural curiosity and a desire to learn.


A Focus on The Team Rather than Themselves

Success is achieved in any organization or team due to a collaborative effort – not any one individuals efforts alone. Goals are achieved faster by pooling everyone’s strengths together and working as a unit to achieve the best result. With this being said, there is no room for harmful egos.

To see if an individual is a believer in teamwork, ask them what was the best work environment they’ve ever been a part of. Listen to see if they realize the importance of a collaborative atmosphere to achieve success.