In the workplace, how you communicate your message can be just as important as what your message is. Shallow, empty responses are unwelcome. They’re unproductive, and let’s face it, they’re just downright annoying.

We’re all aware of moments when a coworker gives us a less than stellar response, but is it possible we are capable of doing the same? All of us have bad days and moments of frustration where a person catches you at a bad time, but you certainly want to avoid being this type of communicator at all costs.

To help you brush up on your communication skills here are 3 statements or words you should be conscious of and avoid saying around the workplace.


Saying “That’s Not My Job” and Leaving It At That.

This is a moment we all face on occasion. We’re asked to do something that is not our job. Although this may be the case, you should never just leave it at that. Let the person know why you can’t help at the moment and, if possible, recommend someone else whose job it is or at least who has experience with what they’re asking for.


Telling a Coworker “Not to Worry”

We’ve all been told not to worry before. After being told this, has anyone ever magically  stopped worrying? Absolutely not! By telling someone not to worry, you’re trying to be comforting but it doesn’t offer any type of advice for the situation. Try to offer helpful solutions to the issue, or perhaps the person just needs to change his perspective and see the positives of the situation.


Consistently Saying Sorry to Management When Making a Mistake

While being quite the knee jerk reaction, saying sorry in the face of a mistake usually will not lead to any sort of progression. Rather than saying sorry, you should begin to ask questions after making a mistake. “Where did I go wrong?…What could I have done better?…What can I do to accomplish X next time? Realize your mistakes are just stepping stones and learning moments that are going to lead to doing it right the next time.