We’ve reached that point of the year where you must be honest with yourself. In the past, you’ve set some new year’s resolutions that you’ve managed to achieve while others fell by the wayside around February or March. It’s ok, it happens to all of us. With the goals you did achieve, you may have noticed something about them. These weren’t just goals you decided to pursue and achieve overnight. Instead, you came up with an attack plan and slowly made changes and progress to ultimately achieve that goal over time. If one thing is for sure, it’s that making a major change or achieving a goal doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and a desire to make sacrifices along the way to ultimately get where you want to be. With that being said, here are some goals you can begin to think about for 2018 that are more than reachable if you decide to put in the work.


Learn and Acquire a New Skill


Whether you want to learn something for yourself, like an instrument or a new language, or something for your career, like how to code or learn the in’s and out’s of a new software, acquiring a new skill can be useful and exciting to learn. But any skill worth acquiring isn’t going to magically enter your brain overnight. (Wow! wouldn’t that be nice?) Instead, it takes hours and hours of practice. This rigorous process is unfortunately what leads many to give up on their resolutions.


So here is how you ensure you make it through this process. It’s simple. Don’t try to learn it alone. You need the support of others to keep going, so a class or online center is a great way to go about learning a new skill. This will give you those extra resources when you feel stumped and the extra encouragement will go a long way.


Quit a Bad Habit


Bad habits come in all shapes and sizes. The one thing they have in common is that in most cases you can’t just quit them cold turkey. In fact, the best way to put an end to bad habits is by replacing them with new, good habits. Habits are difficult to give up because they represent a certain function in our lives; so the key is to find a positive habit to better represent that function.

Perhaps your habit is something that is going to really take some dedication and attention, like smoking. It is possible that you smoke to de-stress. A more healthy and positive way you could de-stress is through exercising. You could start by walking in the morning, during lunch and at night, during times you may be likely to want a cigarette. However you do it, it’s important that you find a good habit that fulfills that function

Spend More Time with People Important to You


We always want to see our family members and close friends more often over the course of the new year. The holidays usually have a way of rekindling this desire as we spend time with people that we haven’t had the chance to see much all year. Unless we set some time aside to actually pencil in on our calendar a day and time we schedule to meet up with them, it has a way of never happening.

To remedy this, choose the relationship you really want to strengthen over the new year. From there, decide how much time you want to spend with them. If it’s your parents and they live hours away, schedule a few weekends within the first 6 months of the year that you plan to go visit them. If you just want to see your close friends more often, set time aside every other weekend to grab dinner with them or just hangout. The key to cultivating these relationships is planning ahead; because once our busy schedules kick in, it’s difficult to find extra time on the fly.